Welcome to the Cats Corner

Our first WILDCAT WALK is just around the corner! Here you will find marketing materials and tips to help build your team. Check back for news and updates. Thanks for being “ALL IN”!

So, How do I build my team?

Remember – your goal is to raise $200 in addition to getting 5 people to run with you. Each of the 5 people running with you need to also raise $200. Here are some tips that you can use to build your team and to help your team raise money.

Use our standard flyer or submit a request for a personalized flyer and post it on facebook, twitter, and instagram with a link to your team page or this website. Anyone can search for your team by clicking JOIN A TEAM from our main menu. Tag your friends and family on your posts to ensure more responses. Don’t just post once! Post several times and let people know of your progress and ask people to sponsor your run through donations or join your team.
This website is mobile friendly. Use our recruiting script recommendation to ask your family/friends that may not be on social media to participate.
Send your personalized flyers to your parents/aunts/uncles/siblings/etc and ask them to promote the event in their friend circles. There are 8 1/2×11 flyers available in the Marketing Circle that can be printed and posted and circulated at their jobs.
Spread the word in your neighborhood. With your football jersey on, you can print flyers from our Marketing Corner and ask your neighbors to sponsor your team with a donation or to join your team. Each flyer has a registration form that will enable you to take their information and submit it at home. You can also use your smartphone to have your neighbor input the information on the spot.

Wildcat Walk Personalized Flyer

Get your picture and team to the Wildcat Walk promo flyer for your social media promo.

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Go Door to Door!

Download our 1-page flyer to print and take door to door. Have each interested participant fill out the form on the page and cut/tear the paper at the break line. Accept only cash or checks made out to Duluth High School as payment. You keep the bottom half and return the top half to the registrant. Enter the information from the bottom half when you return home.

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Promotion Flyer

Download the Wildcat Walk standard promotion flyer to use on social media posts, event invites, text invites, and more.

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